3 Ways to Restore Women’s Reproductive Rights

Like many people, I am frustrated and angered, and devastated by what the Supreme court did over the last week. Several things that they’ve done, of course, the Miranda rights and officers no longer needing to provide that. It’s not a base that people can Sue officers on. We can talk about the handgun law that they passed down, which is taken care of. What’s the the rights that have been on the books for over a hundred years in New York. And people talk so much about state’s rights, right? But of course, this conversation about abortion and what they’ve done as relates to overturning Roe V. Wade is, is look at the end of the day. There is no middle ground on this. The Supreme court took away the rights of American citizens. Period. Bottom line people cannot compare this to the granting of civil rights and so on and so forth.

The expansion of rights as relates to voting rights. And the like is not the same as taking away people’s rights. And when people have these conversations about, oh, they turn it back over to the states and, and all that other type of nonsense. Why isn’t that a, why isn’t this a state issue as it relates to guns? I understand the argument. People make that guns have more rights and are protected more than women. We’ve created a system in this country right now where we have second class citizens, and we can talk about what needs to happen later, which I’m going to get to. But the fact of the matter in the immediate, there are some states where Chi where women who, and young girls who are carrying children will be forced to carry birth to their, their child. Determined depending on the state, this could be a situation where it could be from rape.

It could be from incest. And, and this is, this is what’s real today in America. Furthermore, we can talk about the elimination of many of the wraparound services that are going to help people who are dealing with all types of issues relating to childbirth. And we know that many of the pregnancies in this country that are happening are unwanted for reasons. Like I said, like childbirth, uh, like, like child rape, I should say, like rape as well. And of course there are people in the ex who are not in the extreme situation as it relates to those, those types of crimes. But people who, women who decided to make a choice that at this particular time, having a child is not gonna work best for them, for reasons that are their business period, bottom line. And at the end of the day, this is not about Christianity.

This is not about anything. This is about an, an activist minded court that is seeking to take the rights away from people. So, so look at the end of the day, we can get frustrated. We can get protests, we can, we can protest, but we have to organize around voting. So there’s just a couple of things, a few things I wanna mention in terms of what we need to be doing going forward. First thing, stop arguing with people who don’t agree with you. No minds are gonna be changed on this issue. Fact of the matter is people are only going to succumb to pressure, which leads to my next point of what we need to do. So after you decide that you’re not gonna argue with talk on social media and all of that, you’re just gonna spend time working with people who, with whom you can build.

Now, we gotta start targeting people and organizations. And when I say targeting people in organizations, we obviously have to target politicians, people like Joe mansion and Kristen cinema, and, and really make real pressure on them once again, to make carve out in the filibuster that they wouldn’t be willing to do for voting rights. See if Susan Collins is really about, oh, I’m, I’m so upset. I was lied to and so on and so forth, but you didn’t inv vote for the codification of Roe V. Wade that came before you in a Senate because you felt that it was too broad. So where are you really at? What are you really about right now? We gotta target them. And of course, Republicans as well, they’re not off the hook. As it relates to this, Republicans will consider themselves to be moderate. It’s whatever they need to be hit up straight up.

We also have to target corporations. Look, these, these companies out there that have been sponsoring these Republicans, any Republican that has been receiving money from organiz companies like Toyota or, or all of these corporations who are out there. You know, I mentioned Toyota because they talked about it, they’ve had a kind of neutral thing as relates to funding Democrats and Republicans, but this is not neutral ground territory. We need to target them. Are the serial companies that you’re buying are, are they sponsoring these guys? Are they supporting these guys? The, the, the, like I said, the automobiles, the clothes, all of that. This is where we gotta get serious because people do not believe that this will sustain long enough. This anger will last long enough. And I gotta be honest. I’m a little bit concerned, myself, many people who show up at marches and protests March for our lives, you know, pro uh, choice rallies.

And they’re like many don’t come out and vote, and this is a problem, you know, but now we’re in a situation where our, our, our, our daughters have fewer rights than their grandmothers had. And that’s real. And I’m, I’m raising daughters right now, and this is something that’s extremely frustrating. So we gotta get honest about that. And, you know, I think kind of like on, on, on a different type of level, we gotta start checking the language that we’re using. And what I mean by that is when you’re using the language of your enemy or the people whom you disagree, they’re winning. So I, you know, when we say, oh, they’re doing this and that, but then we call these guys the right and they’re wrong. That’s a problem. We call these guys pro-life, but they’re not pro-life because we know that once a child is born, they don’t care about ’em.

As the late George Carlin talked about. And 14 of the states that have enacted these laws are at the very bottom of, of the United States, as it relates to providing children, uh, services for women and children, this is before the ban. So what do you think’s gonna happen now? So they can say, oh, we gotta do this. We gotta do that. Well, you ain’t be doing it now. And even Republican, Chris Christie said, we supposed to be pro-life after the child is born as well. So look guys, at the end of the day, we got our marching orders, download things like the five calls app target. These politicians, target sponsors, stop arguing with people who are not serious, who just wanna take up your time on social media in other places, this isn’t the time to fight those guys. This is the time to fight for the preservation of, of our, of our future.

And those of y’all who are, and we also gotta fight. I do believe that the court should be expanded. It’s been expanded before. One of the reasons lost credibility is you can go back to the election of, of, of George Bush, Jr. And, and what happened there with the Supreme court stopping to count there. And then we can come up now where we have three justices who are put on the court, who are, who have lied, um, who are put on in ways that Mitch McConnell demonstrated his hypocrisy with and merit, Garland didn’t get an opportunity to be there. So why should people have four respect for the court? Merit, Garland didn’t even get a hearing. So they’ve joined their lines in the sand. They’ve made their dog whistles and they’re not dog whistles anymore. They want to control this. And we know that gay marriage is next.

We know that issues relating to interracial relationships is going to be next. So for those of y’all think that this doesn’t affect you right now. It’s coming for you or your friends. And as Nemo talked about when people come for this group or that group, and you don’t stand up for them, when people come for you, there’s gonna be no one around and half your back because they’re gonna be gone. So I’ve drawn my line in the saying years ago, over many of these issues, voting rights, the racism, and, and they’re like, I knew who many of these politicians are, and these so-called religious leaders were from the jump. And I knew, so the rest of us, if you haven’t been, um, awakened by this, this is the time. And for you, young people out there, many of y’all are gonna be voting, gonna be a voting age in the midterms. You’re gonna be voting age in two, 2024. Like my oldest child would be, this is put up our shut up time daily. We need to bring out actions and activities that are gonna let people know exactly how we feel. If it’s meant to be it’s up to me, if it’s meant to be it’s up to you. And now’s the time to get out there and just do what you going to do. Let’s go.