Changing the Climate on Climate Change

Our house is on fire
From this climate quagmire
Yes our house is on fire but more and more of us are inspired
And we’ll keep reaching higher until some of these bank CEOs are fired
We have less than 11 years but we will have no fear
Because we understand that the science couldn’t be more clear
And these banks are not as innocent as they seem to appear
As they defund climate change
We won’t shun moral outrage
You see we’ve done the work, we’ve followed the money
Financial companies putting Mother Earth on one knee
From Bank of America to Chase JP Morgan
These toxic investments are killing her organs
From the lowest to the highest funder of fossil fuel expansion
We will Chase through all types of distraction from taking real action
To understand this climate emergency
They must emerge and see that whether we’re talking tar sands in far lands
Or oil pipelines on indigenous sands
We can’t have a Dakota pipeline if it cuts off our lifelines
And for those who say it’s wrong to protest we say it’s the right time!
Because too many are silent which is being compliant
To continue to put people over profit?
It’s high time to stop it
We will stay on mission to cut these emissions
For every billion for fossil fuel expansion moving us closer to defeat
We’ll hit the streets with a billion voices and a billion feet
Until these companies confess that it’s best to divest
Every day we must put their commitments to the test
And we don’t care if we risk our careers or risk an arrest
Because if we don’t act now they’ll be nothing left
Because it’s not a loss to stop profiting from climate chaos
Put people and planet over profit and you’ll never have a financial loss
Because financial fossil fuel profits simply do not fit
A clean earth CEOs, don’t you want your grandkids to enjoy it?
Instead of having more and more fear let’s get more and more clear
Because we can take control and force companies to stop investing in coal
For our world’s peace of mind
We the undersigned are telling you that clean energy transformation leaves no one behind.
We’ve cried hundreds of tears
And our indigenous sisters and brothers have been saying this for hundreds of years
But today we stand arms locked with Standing Rock
And all these megabanks we’re demanding you stop
These banks that we’ve trusted with our life savings are destroying our lives
But we will make them ALL switch sides
Because a cleaner planet is the prize!