It’s A Girl

200,000,000 missing, not talkin’ ’bout money see
Talkin’ about something worth more than currency
Talkin’ about missing girls the foundation of a nation
But born in India and China brings damnation
Desperation, having a girl brings trepidation
So being born a girl leads to deadly devastation
Baby girls bouncing from the womb to the tomb
Delivery room delivering gendercide too soon
How have we forgotten that the woman is key
To open the future’s door for our children to see?
The phrase “it’s a girl!” should bring cause to rejoice
But we kill innocent victims who have no choice
No say in the way they will die this way
Parents leave their land so daughters won’t die today
We’re killin’ our seeds we gotta tell the world
So parents can say proudly “It’s a girl!”

Can’t see women as a burden, men gotta realize
Gotta save the people who hold up half the sky
Family planning police planning family murderin’
Just because they think havin’ a girl is a burden
It’s not about condemning culture but saving lives
Dowry deaths for those left wondering why?
Why oh why not practice safer sex
Than kill a girl who had nothing to do with this?
Buy her, sell her, kill her, keep her!
Sex shouldn’t lead to visits from the grim reaper
India and China, what you gonna do?
When there’s nothing but men in your countries too?
Can’t import wives like you might do food
See the value of your girls, don’t kill them so soon
A woman’s body is not a boy factory
We gotta give our girls the right to be born and be free!